Borough Market, London

Hello my dear readers! I am back after a final and intensive week of masters thesis writing! To make a change, this post is not a recipe (but don’t worry it is still related to food!). I would like to present a place I like a lot in London. It is Borough Market, an amazing food market on the south bank, near London Bridge.


You can find there any fresh product: fruits, meat, fish, cheese, etc from different countries or regions. Also, you can also buy streetfood. And there is a lot of variety (even vegetarian are catered for)! There are also restaurants and coffee shops all aroud the market. It is open every weekday for lunch and full market is from Wednesday to Saturday. It is usually quite crowded at lunchtime and in the week-end, espacially now that it is sunny, people just come there to buy lunch. I really love to go to buy lunch, fresh fruits, cakes or just to walk around and enjoy the colors and animation of the market!
With summer coming and all it’s new colors and flavours, now is exactly the right time to go get a bite for lunch and eat it in the park next to Southwark cathedral or by the river.

By the way if you have the occasion to visit Southwark cathedral, I really recommand it. Entry is free (but you are encouraged to make a donation) and it is mind-blowing. When I went, I was there during the rehearsal of the choir so it was beautiful with the music!

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