Best cookies

Everyone loves cookies and these are amazing tha secret is that there is a lot of chocolate! My siblings and cousins love them (they just ate one batch in a day!) With the recipe I give you, I made a batch of 66 macaron size cookies ( I wanted them small to have them with coffee) but usually I make about 30 or 40 normal-sized cookies.


Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 10 minutes
Servings: for about 40 medium size cookies or 60 small
Level: Easy

Equipment: oven tray, large salad bowl, cooking paper

– 125g brown sugar
– 120g white sugar
– 1 sachet vanilla sugar
– 1 sachet baking powder
– 250g flour
– 125 g salted butter
– 1 egg
– 300 g black chocolate

Preheat oven at 180ÂșC
Cut the chocolate in pieces and reserve.
In a bowl mix the sugar and the melted butter. Add the egg, stir well. Then gradually add the flour and baking powder while stiring. The dough must become quite thick. Then add the chocolate chips and stir.
Unroll some paper on an oven tray. Form circles about 1cm high. You can make them as large as you want. Beware that it might spread a little bit while cooking so allow enough space between the cookies. It is very import ant that there is a lot of chocolate on each cookie, egen if it seems too much, for the dough will spread. Cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes according to size (given the quantity, you might have to bake them in several batches). Let cool down. Enjoy!


– some sugar can be replaced by honey or maple syrup
– you can use white chocolate or nuts instead of black chocolate only

Sarah Bernhardt Cakes

These nice bites will delight you for tea time or after lunch with coffee. I have no credit for the recipe which I found on Mimi Thorisson’s blog Manger. I let you discover the recipe there! This blog is absolutey wonderful and the photos are gorgeous.


These small cakes are delicious and very practical because you keep them in the freezer. So you can prepare them in advance and have them ready in case you have guests (or if you just want to treat yourself!) I made a box of them a few days ago and it is all gone already. My family loved them!


The mug series 2: Chocolate and tofu!

Continuing my article the mug series, I tried a new version of the chocolate mug cake: no butter, no egg, but tofu! The result is amazing!!!


– 30g dark chocolate (I take 70% dark chocolate, so good!)
– a tbsp ground almond
– 30g soft tofu
– a tbsp flour
– a teaspoon baking powder
– a tbsp sugar

Melt chocolate 20 sec in microwave with a bit of water.
Add tofu, mix with a fork. Add the other ingredients, mix.
Microwave for 1min30.
Let cool down 2 minutes before eating!

Notes: quantities are a bit random, the best way to adjust is to try and see how you like it.
Uncooked, it tastes and looks quite bad but cooked, it is amazing! you would never guess it is tofu and not the standard ingredients and you really feel the taste of chocolate! Definitely adopted!

The mug series

Being in exam period, I need some treats. That is why I experimented a series of “mug treats” that you cook in a mug with a microwave. It is good because you can do it in 5 minutes and for 1 person.

(I do not have any photo, because you may already have noticed my poor talent for photography, and in the mug, it is too dark and you can’t see anything!)

The pear and chocolate:

First one I tried. I had a pear, I had chocolate. I just diced the pear, spread chocolate chips, added a tablespoon of ground almond or oat. Mix everything, microwave, let cool down 5 minutes, enjoy!!

Variations: Pear and cinnamon, apple and cinnamon, banana and chocolate

The “light” chocolate mug cake (no butter):

Put 25g of chocolate in your mug, with a little bit of water. Microwave for 20 seconds and mix until homogeneous. Add a (small) tablespoon of yoghurt, 1/2 tbsp of sugar, half a beaten egg (Or whole but then increase the quantity of other ingredients maybe), a tbsp of flour. Microwave for 1min30. Let cool down and enjoy.

NB: add more or less flour for a more or less liquid cake.
In this recipe I put only half an egg, that allow you to make two mug cakes, or one big but it might be too big because even if it is “light”, it is still quite filling!
Do not put too much yoghurt. A small tablespoon is enough. In any case, the key ingredient is chocolate, so don’t be afraid to put a lot of it! Enjoy ^^

Other ideas: I haven’t tried yet but I would like to see what you get when you replace egg and yoghurt by soft tofu and a little bit of baking powder

Otherwise, there is still the classic chocolate mug cake with chocolate, 1 egg, 10 g of butter, flour and baking powder. But this one you can find the recipe everywhere!

The blueberry and yoghurt mug cake:

This one was an epic fail. I put yoghurt in it but probably too much! It looked like a weird soufflĂ© (and tasted quite bad). I’ll try again maybe and release the recipe when it is eatable!