The mug series

Being in exam period, I need some treats. That is why I experimented a series of “mug treats” that you cook in a mug with a microwave. It is good because you can do it in 5 minutes and for 1 person.

(I do not have any photo, because you may already have noticed my poor talent for photography, and in the mug, it is too dark and you can’t see anything!)

The pear and chocolate:

First one I tried. I had a pear, I had chocolate. I just diced the pear, spread chocolate chips, added a tablespoon of ground almond or oat. Mix everything, microwave, let cool down 5 minutes, enjoy!!

Variations: Pear and cinnamon, apple and cinnamon, banana and chocolate

The “light” chocolate mug cake (no butter):

Put 25g of chocolate in your mug, with a little bit of water. Microwave for 20 seconds and mix until homogeneous. Add a (small) tablespoon of yoghurt, 1/2 tbsp of sugar, half a beaten egg (Or whole but then increase the quantity of other ingredients maybe), a tbsp of flour. Microwave for 1min30. Let cool down and enjoy.

NB: add more or less flour for a more or less liquid cake.
In this recipe I put only half an egg, that allow you to make two mug cakes, or one big but it might be too big because even if it is “light”, it is still quite filling!
Do not put too much yoghurt. A small tablespoon is enough. In any case, the key ingredient is chocolate, so don’t be afraid to put a lot of it! Enjoy ^^

Other ideas: I haven’t tried yet but I would like to see what you get when you replace egg and yoghurt by soft tofu and a little bit of baking powder

Otherwise, there is still the classic chocolate mug cake with chocolate, 1 egg, 10 g of butter, flour and baking powder. But this one you can find the recipe everywhere!

The blueberry and yoghurt mug cake:

This one was an epic fail. I put yoghurt in it but probably too much! It looked like a weird soufflé (and tasted quite bad). I’ll try again maybe and release the recipe when it is eatable!


Poached eggs – Eureka!

Eureka! I made it! I had never managed to poach an egg without destroying it! But I found the magic method! Simply follow these steps.

1) Bring water to the boil

Super trick number 1: add a spoon of white vinegar in the water (supertrick number 1 bis: of course I don’t have white vinegar in my kitchen so I used balsamic vinegar, it doesn’t change anything except maybe for a slight taint of the egg)

2) The egg has to be super fresh (if you use the egg that has been in your fridge for 2 weeks, it might not work so well)

Supertrick number 2: don’t break the egg directly in the pan, put it in a bowl or cup first

3) Before putting the egg in the water, reduce heat: the water must not be boiling with bubbles

SuperSuper trick number 3: form a vortex in your pan: with a wooden spoon, turn the water until a vortex appears.
Then, put your egg gently in the middle and wait.

Let cook between 2 and 3 minutes according to size, no longer if you want to keep the yolk soft!

4) When cooked remove the egg from the water and place on absorbant paper

5) Enjoy!

Light oat pancakes

This morning, I woke up and I wanted pancakes! So here is the recipe. It is rather experimental, I added blueberries in the batter and I ate them with honey and it was good!

However, they are even better if you prepare the batter the day before! On the picture is the version I made on the second day with caramelized apples. So yummy!


Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 4 minutes
Servings: 2 ( ~8 pancakes)
Level: Easy
Cost: cheap
Equipment: pan, salad bowl

– 15cL milk
– 75g oat
– 60g flour
– 1 egg
– 1/2 sachet baking powder
– 1/2 sachet vanilla sugar (or standard sugar)
– butter or oil for the pan

In the bowl mix flour, baking powder, oat, sugar
In an other bowl, beat the egg and milk
Then mix everything, the batter is quite thick.


(Then ideally, give it a rest of one night. The next morning, just add some water in the batter if it is too thick)

Form a pancake in a hot pan with butter and cook 2 minutes on each side
…. and enjoy with honey or maple syrup or fresh fruits

              20140506_075436      20140506_075517

Idea: add blueberries or apple+cinnamon in the batter or caramelized pears (the best version I tried)

Tip: I didn’t eat it all the first day so I kept the batter in the fridge. It was slightly thicker so I added water and it was even better. This time I made them with caramelized apples and cinnamon , and topped with honey and it was amazing!

Breakfast oat cake

Here is the recipe of a cake I sometimes make for breakfast. It is very simple and there is no butter or flour. You can keep it one day (but it is better freshly made!)


Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutes
Servings: 3
Level: Easy

Equipment: oven, cake tin, bowl

– a cup of oats (95g)
– 3 apples or pears
– 200 mL milk
– 3 tbsp of ground almonds
– 50g sugar (I sometimes replace it by agave syrup)
– 1 big egg or 2 small
– 1 tea spoon of cinnamon (+ or – according to your taste)

Put the oat, milk, almonds, sugar, cinnmon in a big bowl.
Whisk the eggs and add them
Pell the fruits, dice them and add them to the preparation
Cook in the oven for 25-30 minutes
Let cool down before eating

Courgettes and goat cheese cake

Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking: 45 minutes
Level: Easy
Cost: cheap
Equipment: large bowl, measuring glass, cake tin, oven

Cake chèvre-courgetteIngredients:
– 2 courgettes
– 200 g goat cheese (log)
– 200 g flour
– 125 mL milk
– 100 g grated emmental
– 3 eggs
– 3 teaspoons of baking powder
– 80 mL olive oil + 1 tbs
– salt, pepper, mixed herbs

Peel and cut the courgettes. Cook them 15 minutes on the hob with a tbsp of olive oil.
In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and eggs. Add milk and oil. Mix until it is homogeneous.
Then add the emmental, the goat cheese cut in pieces and the courgettes. Add salt, pepper, herbs.
Pour in the tin and cook in the oven at 180° for 45 minutes.
Let it cool down before eating.

Can be eaten cold or hot. Can be kept in the fridge several days.
Nice with a salad.
Usually I serve it with lamb’s lettuce that I arrange on the plate around the cake and I decorate with cherry tomatoes.

Courgettes and goat cheese can be replaced, keeping all the other ingredients.
– Salmon and spinach cake
– Dices of ham, olives and sun-dried tomatoes
– …

Mini cakes aux lardons

Small ham and cheese cakes

About eggs

There are various ways to eat eggs. No need to eat only hard-boiled eggs! Here are a few examples.

1) Boiled eggs

The cooking time is crucial. It has to be very precise and it is counted from the moment you put the egg in the already boiling water. There must be enough water to cover the eggs completely.

Oeuf à la coque

Oeuf à la coque and mouillettes

Hard-boiled: 10 minutes
This is not my favourite, unless you do “oeufs mimosa”, the yolk is a bit heavy.

– “Oeuf mollet” (yolk is soft but not liquid): 5 minutes
This is very nice in a salad: easier to swallow than hard-boiled egg and less difficult to make than poached eggs!
– “Oeuf à la coque” (yolk is completely liquid): 3 minutes
This is my favourite! Break and remove the top with a spoon, add salt and pepper and eat it by dipping “mouillettes” (bread cut in thin slices and buttered, ideally made using a fresh baguette, see photo) in the yolk and then eat the white with a spoon. Delicious, definitely all my childhood!

2) Fried egg

Just break the egg in a hot oiled pan without destroying the yolk and wait until the white is cooked. The yolk must remain liquid. Add salt and pepper and eat with bread.
When you crack the yolk it spreads over the white. Delicious! Good also with bacon!

3) Omelet and scrambled eggs

The difference between omelet and scrambled eggs is that for an omelet, you whisk the egg in a bowl before pouring it in the pan and then you let it cook without touching it, whereas for scrambled egg, you break the eggs directly in the hot pan and then you scramble it with a wooden spatula.

Note on omelets: add cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions or whatever you like in it!
For example see here the recipe of spinach and feta cheese omelet
You can also make it like the spanish tortillas, that are very thick omelets with vegetables.
This can become a full and very rich meal!

I shall post more recipes and ideas of nice omelets.

4) Poached eggs

Quite difficult to make. I always make a mess of them. But it is good in salads and essential to make the famous eggs benedict!

5) Cakes!

That is still the best way to enjoy eggs, in cakes, quiches and tarts!

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For more recipes with eggs, see here