Survival guide

Help! I really know nothing about cooking!

“I don’t even know how to make pasta?”
“What is happening with the chicken? Look, the colour is changing!”
“Oh no! The rice is too sticky!”
“What? The water needs to be boiling before you add the pasta?”
“Cooking? Very easy, you take your frozen dish, three minutes in the microwave and it is ready”

If you are in one of these situations or you have never touched a pan in your life, don’t worry, it is not totally desperate! You just need to get started! Here are some advice to help you.

1) Survival kit: how to make pasta and rice

– Fill half of a pot with water, add salt. Heat on the hob until it is boiling: you see big bubbles. If you put a lid, it goes faster
– Add the pasta: the water must completely cover the pasta and the whole must not go higher than 3/4 of the pan (unless you want water everywhere!). When you add the pasta, you can lower the power of the hob and add a teaspoon of olive oil (to avoid sticky pasta)
– When it starts boiling again, wait for the time indicated on the pack (usually 10-12 minutes)
– After the time is over, drain immediately: do not leave the pasta in the water, otherwise they’re gonna be sticky! You can pour cool water to stop the cooking (not too much or it might get too cold!) and avoid having sticky pasta!

Same as for pasta.
In the end, drain immediately and pour cool water to stop the cooking (not too much or it might get too cold!)
My favourite rice is basmati rice.

2) Cooking meat

White meat (chicken, veal, pork): it must always be well cooked (all white, no pink remaining inside)
Red meat (beef, lamb): according to your taste and if it is fresh, it can be eaten red.

3) Cooking eggs

See Article about eggs
and Poached eggs

To be continued…

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