My cooking essentials

Even in my small and unequipped student kitchen, there are things that I always have. So here is a list of things I try to always have to cook the basic stuff and always have something quick to cook if I am lazy!

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Cooking in the oven

Here is a nice tip to optimize your meal preparation: use the oven.

In fact, I often use the oven to cook chicken fillet or salmon or other kind of fish. The most common way is to do it in a pan but the oven offers many advantages:
– it is fast
– no need to stay behind the hob during the cooking
– if you only have one pan, you can use it for something else at the same time (or if you are sharing the kitchen with other residents and space on the hob is limited…)
– no need for fat (so healthy!)
– washing is easier to do (extremely strong argument!)
– chicken doesn’t get dry or burnt; it is also a good way to cook it to then use it in a salad or in a wrap

In practice:

For chicken, just put the chicken fillet in an oven dish. You can season with lemon juice or mustard or spices according to your taste. Put it in the oven at 160° for 10-15 minutes (it must be all white inside, no pink remaining)

I also tried once to stuff chicken with feta cheese and wrap it in spinach leaves and that was quite good!

For salmon, same. For the cooking, I personally prefer when it is not too cooked. If you cook it too much, it gets dry, but then it depends how you like it.