My cooking essentials

Even in my small and unequipped student kitchen, there are things that I always have. So here is a list of things I try to always have to cook the basic stuff and always have something quick to cook if I am lazy!


– The basics: anti-adhesive pan and a sauce pan
– good knives: (set of 3 knives, Tesco £6.5)
– chopping board: can’t imagine not cutting vegetables on a chopping board! (mine is Tesco, £3.5)
– cake tin
– pyrex dish: multi-usage, suitable for oven
– big salad bowl: also multi-usage: I use it to store my fruits, prepare my batters for cakes, etc
– bowl, plate, cups, cutlery, wooden spoon
– storage boxes: to keep leftovers and store food in a hygienic way

In my cupboard:

– The absolute essential: chocolate (for cooking and for tasting)
– Honey and agave syrup, to add healthy sweet taste!
– Sugar, flour, baking powder (in case I have to improvise a cake). I often have ground almonds also.
– Almond and dry fruits: perfect for snacking
– The breakfast essentials: oat and tea (green mint tea is an absolute favourite)
– pasta, basmati rice, couscous
– Various cans: corn, tuna, sardines, etc
– The seasoning essentials: oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, mixed herbs
I also like to have ground cinnamon, cumin, chili powder

In my fridge

– yoghurts
– butter
– tomato puree
– salad: I like to finish my meal with some salad
– eggs

In my fruit basket:

– lemons: multi usage, for a light dresing, with fish or just to drink with hot water
– apples: another perfect snack or dessert
– onions: always have one somewhere

then I adapt to seasons:
– tomatoes = summer essential! I take them on the vine: so tasty, so sweet!
– berries in the summer: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries: so colorful and tasty

Guides to eat seasonal food:
For the UK: or
In French:


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