Asparagus and soy sauce chicken/tofu

May is really the good month for green asparagus and they are really good for you. Here is an amazing dish I made with chicken and asparagus. As a variation for vegetarian, chicken can be replaced by tofu.


Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes
Servings: 1
Level: Easy
Equipment: pan, pot

– 100g Asparagus
– 120g chicken (or tofu)
– 1/4 onion
– soy sauce
– pepper
– basmati rice

Chop the onion and dice the chicken. Let them marinate in a bowl with soy sauce and pepper.
Cook the asparagus in boiling water until tender (cook them vertical, head out of the water). Drain.
Cook the rice in boiling water.
In an oiled pan, cook the chicken and onions (do not add all the soy sauce that was in the bowl immediately, reserve for the end of the cooking). When chicken cooked, cut the asparagus and add them in the pan. Lower the heat, add the remain of soy sauce.
Serve on the rice and enjoy!

Variation: Chicken and asparagus couscous with lemon
With the rest of asparagus (yes there was an offer and I bought a lot!) I simply made them with chicken and semola and added a pinch of lemon juice and pepper. Cooking time: 3 minutes. Taste: ++++


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