Chili sin carne (vegetarian chili)

Very nice for dinner: not too heavy, very good, very easy and fast to prepare.

Preparation: 10 minutes20140421_201745
Cooking: 10 minutes
Servings: 3
Level: Easy
Equipment: pot, pan

– 250 g rice
– a can of kidney beans
– a can of sweetcorn
– chili powder
– tomato puree
– 6 tomatoes (or canned chopped tomatoes)
– a tbsp of olive oil

Start by peeling the tomatoes (if you are using fresh tomatoes, which is always better!): plunge them 30 sec in boiling water and then the skin is really easy to remove.
Then remove the liquid to keep only the pulp. Chop and put in an oiled pan. Let cook 5 minutes.
Cook the rice in salted boiling water.
Add the corn, beans, chili and tomato puree in the pan, mix.
When rice is cooked, drain, add in the pan, mix.



Optional: you can add onion

Idea: I haven’t tried but maybe it is nice also with tuna


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